Refugees waiting for freedom

Our outreaches are like a combined machine coming to town

Be a Combined Machine

The Lord told me to go into all the world and preach the gospel. He said, “Be a combined machine.” I knew exactly what He meant. I love the analogy of combined and world evangelism. It is perfect. But we can not do it alone. We have people on the ground who administrate every event we do. Though they are not seen preaching, they are making it all happen behind the scenes. And besides the ground crew, our partners fuel every foot we take into the world’s harvest fields. Souls hear the gospel and come to Jesus because of this gospel combined that has come to town. You, our partners, make it happen.

Thank you!

You can be assured you’ll be welcomed into the next age by souls won through your support.

Preaching in Public

When the word of God is proclaimed in power, it will heal the culture. Like Elisha, a clean bowl with the salt of the Word of God thrown into the polluted waters of the land will heal it.

The Fruit will Follow

When the word of God is proclaimed, you don’t always see the fruit until later. In this message, Tom shares some of his experiences in Africa and then gives an overview of a new project to heal poverty in Africa.

The beginning

The beginning of Tom and Kathie’s life of faith.
Interview by Ken Kasterko.

Preaching to Hiatian refugees in Mexico


A Great Harvest Field

We have been preaching in Africa for over twenty years. Thousands have seen the light of the gospel through our preaching and hundreds of churches strengthened and many started. For that, we are very grateful. But it is time to reach the USA with another wave of revival. Another generation waits to hear the glorious gospel of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Besides reaching into the heartland with our gospel Freedom Tent, we have in mind reaching the refugees on the southern border. We recently had an opportunity to preach in three refuge camps on the Mexico side. There were hundreds of Haitians waiting patiently to to apply for US citizenship. The Lord has told us to meet them with the good news of Jesus Christ. But we can’t do it without people like you who give sacrificially to send us. It’s not time to quit. It is time to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

A Guide to Sustainable Prayer

taking back the night

In Africa, this woman was healed and is now able to walk without crutches.

Since 1985

Preaching the Gospel

I never get tired of it, though it’s not easy and at times, very difficult. There is just nothing like seeing the power of the gospel impact people.

If you would like to go with us on a mission trip sometime, just drop us an email. We’ll give you the steps for the who, what, when, and where.

Your partnership is invaluable to us.


We want to hear from you.

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